• special report 131: What the government does not tell AMLO using our figures on the purchasing power of wages. Nothing changes by decree

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    18 December of 2018

    Worker / a Mexican / a:

    Yesterday in the event that the federal government called "New policy Minimum #Salario: us travel a minimum wage to a living wage ", was the announcement of an increase in 14 General pesos daily minimum wage, much less than the cost of a return ticket on public transport in the State of Mexico. In his speech, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Luisa Maria Alcalde Lujan mentioned, among other figures that come from our work as Multidisciplinary Analysis Center (CAM): "From 1976, year it recorded the highest peak, the minimum wage has followed a downward pattern until losing more than 70 percent of their purchasing power today. If in the early eighties, with a minimum wage could buy 51 kilos tortilla, for the beginning of the current decade could only be bought 5 kilos. In those years he amounted to 8 kilos and a half egg, in this decade only enough for 1.7. Power purchase 18 liters of milk now with a minimum wage can buy only 4.6 litres. Workers who currently receive a minimum wage would have to labor 3 days more than a worker in the early 70's to maintain the same standard of living "[1]. Then, Lopez Obrador also mentioned: "Luisa Maria gave the clearest example of how does 25, 30 years, a minimum wage enough to buy 50, 55 kilos tortilla, and now six kilos tortilla. Of these dimensions it has been the loss of purchasing power of wages. "[2] These figures come, mainly, our Research Report No. 116 "Mexico: Poor factory. It falls 77.79% purchasing power "and Research Report No. 117, both published in 2014, Reports of 120 and 122 of the year 2015, Reports of No. 123 and 126 of the year 2016, of Report No. 127 of the year 2018 and Research Report No. 130 recently published, and other senior, all available from their respective dates on our website: http://cam.economia.unam.mx

    In view of this we want to clarify that in addition to use without citing the source from which they come, we think that because of the political position we have, also they used so tendentious as being consistent with the context of the data did not say:

    1. 1. The figures and examples to explain in simple terms the deterioration of the purchasing power of wages born to defend the working classes, as it has been done in the last CAM 40 years and now conveniently used to legitimize agreements, without consulting the / as workers / as, soar precisely those who have benefited from their exploitation in wage labor. And are those vampires who suck the work of people who now sit with the new government to the table; business chambers (COPARMEX, CONCANACO, CANACINTRA, CONCAMIN, among others), the Council Coordinator business, and these in turn colluded with the direction of the old PRI unions cut, some with 83 year history of living at the expense of the workers they claim to represent, who have always benefited from Mexican workers and keep them in poverty as the CROM, CROC, the CTM and other. A not so you can call agreement with workers.

    3. 2. That increases the general minimum daily wage, both of PRI governments, as PAN, like Morena, They can not be "living wage" as they boast, because they are actually crumbs. As we denounced in our Research Report No. 126, "The minimum wage: a crime against the Mexican people " ( Available online at the following address: https://cam.economia.unam.mx/reporte-investigacion-126-salario-minimo-crimen-pueblo-mexicano-cae-11-11-poder-adquisitivo-sexenio-pena-nieto/ ), the plunder accumulated by the difference in wage share in GDP 1982 to 2015 It is a magnitude of 15.6 million million pesos. It is a crime because even with the increase announced yesterday enough to eat, because if you want you can to the minimum you have to work more than a slave, and for being the main factor in lowering living standards of millions of people who work in our country. In addition, While not minimally meets what says the Constitution of the United Mexican States which must reach the minimum wage for a family head meets the needs in the social order, material and cultural and to provide compulsory education of children- those wages continue to violate the Constitution and continue to be a crime, and no government should call "worthy" to continue committing crime under its consent. Otherwise, this is another confirmation that we are not facing a leftist government or even progressive.

    5. 3. That with increasing 16% the general minimum daily wage and average inflation 4.9 % of 2018, as we can see in the table below, the working class would have to wait until 2040 to recover the purchasing power of wages eighties. And this would only be in foods, i.e., missing include housing, transport, education, Bless you, dress and shoes, culture and recreation as the Constitution of the United Mexican States says. The new currency is literally playing with people hoping; if you do not reach, your hunger and poverty wait until 2040.

    1. 4. When the Labor Department said workers now receive minimum wage would have to labor 3 working hours than workers in the years 70 to have the same standard of living, It is totally in error. The precise figure is, at the end of six years of Peña Nieto if a working day 8 hours get paid minimum wage- then only to buy the Recommended Food Basket, you have to work 23 hours with 58 minutes, i.e., only for you and your family can buy food because the Food Basket Recommended (CAR) cost $264.84 pesos per day, far from the $102.68 weights. This means that the new minimum wage not even enough to eat. Now, for a minimum wage, by each 8 hours, you could achieve the same purchasing power years 70, where wages covered more than just the food basket, You have to work approximately 67 hours a day (Yes, many more hours than it has a day), i.e., to work 7 times more than what was then made. Imagine for a moment that the Ministry of Labor, instead of announcing to employers and unions charras, come to your neighborhood or your neighborhood and tell you that is a decent daily minimum wage because instead of having to work 23 hours with 58 minutes a day to eat, Now you just have to work 21 hours a day, and you are those 3 hours a day to sleep, transport you, live with your family, take care of your health, so what would be your reaction and your neighbor or neighbor with such treatment after arriving totally exhausted from work?. It is absurd that advertised with great fanfare when still an insult to the working classes.

    3. 5. The agreement of the increase in the general daily minimum wage, It is made on the basis of the transfer 43 thousand 300 million pesos, the government will pay as wages in the program "Youth Building the Future", whose product of their work will be received free of charge by employers, with no obligation. The occupied population receiving one minimum wage, inclusive, is of 8.5 million. If you are in a normal year about 270 working hours and each is increased 14 weights, that sum amount 32 thousand 130 million pesos, but the government will transfer them to entrepreneurs, in the form of free youth work total 43 thousand 300 million pesos, i.e. 11 thousand 170 million pesos more than what they would pay all the salary increase together. In the end, This improvement is not for the people, It is for entrepreneurs.

    5. 6. The role played by the supposed representatives of the official unions that endorsed these agreements, better known as "charros", is continuing justification and claim to legitimize exploitation and historical dispossession workers, and continue to undermine labor rights conquered in their historical struggles. Who can take seriously that dark characters like Carlos Aceves del Olmo, Secretary General of the CTM, even he was expelled from the International Trade Union Confederation "for performing actions contrary to defend the rights of workers"[3] It can represent the interests of the workers sectors? This is another rough assembly in which the voice and labor rights of those directly affected is impersonated, as it has done with megaprojects in indigenous territories or ceremonies media to justify the dispossession and environmental destruction.

    7. 7. The data that have been published in the aforementioned reports by the Center for Multidisciplinary Analysis of the UNAM, no salary as the ultimate horizon of any kind, but keep track on what is the size of the farm entrepreneurs, creditors and governments have done against the working classes. And in all these reports have insisted that all wage implies that the product of the effort of those who do move the machines and give birth to earth, and that is above what is paid, is the level that is, it are those who did not work in producing and that has only one name: EXPLOITATION. Maybe that's why the Presidency intends to use the data without citing the source, by political charge carried recognize that any exploitation million workers may be worthy, neither left, nor any adjective to try to make her up in speech, but in fact exercise.

    9. 8. At last, no less a characteristic irony fourth transformation, those who generated those numbers now used without even citing them, basic element of recognition of the work of at least four decades running this Center, also they work in precarious conditions in an institution now it has come in the budget, and whose operation depends on the entire subsidy, with their work, They make professors of course and assistant professor (which together constitute the 74% the faculty of the UNAM), toiling per hour poverty wages, said passage is, in many cases lower than the monthly minimum wage. In its republican austerity How much the government will have spent advisors who plagiarized our work?

    Partner / a worker / a, figures and statistics generated in this Center, are for your defense against the bosses and to understand more of the political environment as workers / as we live; Use them and released difúndelas, since that is its purpose. We not even remotely agree with those who intend to use mañosamente, distorting them or twist them to legitimize your farm. And as it happens in other cases, will not be asking the criminals who judge their own crime must exist as justice for the people, but that organized this is built for itself.

    Kind regards

    Research community
    Multidisciplinary analysis of the UNAM Center.

    [1] Speech available https://www.gob.mx/presidencia/videos/nueva-politica-de-salariominimo-transitemos-de-un-salario-minimo-a-un-salario-digno-185364?idiom=es

    [2] Speech available https://www.gob.mx/presidencia/articulos/mensaje-del-presidente-andres-manuel-lopez-obrador-durante-la-presentacion-de-la-nueva-politica-de-salarios-minimos?idiom=es

    [3] Note "CTM and CROC are outside the International Trade Union Confederation" Available in https://www.forbes.com.mx/ctm-y-a-la-croc-quedan-fuera-de-la-confederacion-sindical-internacional/

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