• Research report 120. Mexico: Modern-day slavery. It falls 78.71% purchasing power

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    Introduction [go]

    1.- What should be the salary to be able to purchase a food basket Recommended (CAR)? [go]

    2.- What the purchasing power of the minimum wage in Mexico during the period of? 1987 to the 2015? [go]

    3.- How do they affect the increases in prices, the consumption of families? [go]

    4.-Salary versus the price of the CAR. [go]

    5.- Where is more expensive the recommended food basket? [go]

    6.-Working time to purchase a food basket Recommended [go]

    7.- What size is the plunder in the consumption of salaried workers? [go]

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    Lately, We have seen the strong discussion by the fight for a better quality of life from an increase in the minimum wage for workers. But, in fact the situation of Mexican workers was improved? This is precisely the objective of this research report, check the level of the quality of life of a worker against the minimum wage with the price of the recommended food basket (CAR), for the purpose of sizing up the purchasing power of the wage level. This means to realize the commercial place (Tianguis, market or supermarket) where it is more affordable to buy the CAR, information that can help dispel some myths that have been funded by the campaign of supermarkets.

    The minimum wage does not meet the established constitutionally in the article 123 section VI. “…general minimum wage must be sufficient to meet the normal needs of a head of family, in the material order, social and cultural, and to provide for the compulsory education of children. Professional minimum wages shall be fixed considering, In addition, the conditions of economic activities.

    The wage in Mexico is a dead letter, not enough to allow a Mexican family to live with dignity, as described throughout the research report.

    1.- What should be the salary to be able to purchase a food basket Recommended (CAR)?

    In just 17 months of management President Enrique Peña Nieto has increased the price of the recommended food basket[1] (on CAR) with regard to the increase in the minimum wage. In the year 2015 the wage for the geographical area "A" came to 70.10 pesos per day[2], not enough to buy a CAR, because, for a worker and his family to buy the basket every day must have a minimum daily wage of 201 weights, i.e., equivalent to almost three times the minimum wage. It should be noted that this wage regardless of housing expenses, Bless you, dress and shoes, transport, school, etc. This situation has precarious consumption and the quality of the food that today can buy a Mexican family.

    2.- What the purchasing power of the minimum wage in Mexico during the period of? 1987 to the 2015?

    The precarious reality of working-class wage policies of neoliberal Governments product, gives an account of an adverse scenario. The latest increase to the minimum wage (for the year 2015) was of the 4.2 %, i.e., of 2.81 pesos per day, they took only three months of the 2015 to make it powdered said increased, so after March all the rising prices in food and services will accumulate to the loss of purchasing power. To be more clear, between the 16 December of 1987 and the 15 April of the 2015 the price of the CAR increased almost the 5,000 % While the minimum wage only did in 1,000 %, We can say that there is a relationship of 5 to 1. The foregoing has been expressed during neoliberalism in a cumulative loss of the purchasing power of the wage of the 78.71%, i.e., consumption has shrunk by three quarters concerning 1987. The casualization of labour at a general level, It can be read as the cost of various Governments have imposed on us by economic policy, as well as employers and the Charro unions that have been flying the flag of the competitiveness of the labour force and in fact, all seeking is to place and keep the price of the Mexican as one of the cheapest worldwide workforce, and that is an advantage, especially for transnational corporations.




    What has happened with the minimum wage during the Government of President Enrique Peña Nieto?, that he came to the Presidency through slogans as "the President who would be more worth your salary"? The first thing that should be noted is that far from a change in the tide of wage and labour policies, It has deepened them to the detriment of the interests of workers and their families; We are in a scenario where all can raise price (and it happens), least the wage. Do an inventory of what has happened with the wages in these 17 months of the PRI Government. The minimum wage has increased in a cumulative manner in 8.25%, words of the year 2013 a year 2015 increased from 64.76 weights to 70.10 pesos per day, increasing 5.34 weights, In contrast, the price of the CAR, It has grown approximately 17%. I.e., of the year 2013 a year 2015[4], the CAR went of 171.86 weights to 201.01 weights, many 29.15 weights. It is worth to point out that they are missing 7 months still to conclude the 2015, So what, based on the aforementioned trend, It is likely that continuing rising food prices, not so the wage. In conclusion, the cumulative loss of the purchasing power of the wage in the management of Enrique Peña Nieto is of the 7.45%, which leaves the question of how much will be the amount of the minimum wage at the end of this administration in the 2018. According to previous estimates, We estimate that it will be around the 79 pesos per day. On the other hand, How long will increase the price of the CAR?, far the purchasing power of the wage loss during the current management and what will happen to those who pursue this Government?, and the most important question would be the working people continue to endure this situation?

    3.- How do they affect the increases in prices, the consumption of families?

    The sustained increase in prices has resulted in a contraction in consumption and the quality of the food. Mexican families have stopped buying the 129% of the CAR, i.e., in 1987 with a daily minimum wage, a worker could buy little more than 1 and ½ CAR, almost thirty years later with a minimum wage only can buy the 35% a car. It is imminent to ask ourselves at the table who will be those foods which they have been dispossessed workers.


    4.-Salary versus the price of the CAR.


    The gap between what the Mexican workers and the behavior of food prices gain, It shows a progressive devaluation of the minimum wage, showing the true face and sense of wage and economic policies that are being implemented.


    5.- Where is more expensive the recommended food basket?

    Coupled with the current economic situation of Mexican workers and their families, presents the marketing onslaught of the big commercial chains, that you have manipulated the guidance and decisions to choose where you should buy. It is thought that it is much cheaper and easy to assist with large food distribution monopolies, household goods, electronic, Tools, drugs, dress and shoes, and other products on a daily basis requiring a Mexican family.


    As we have already mentioned in previous reports these monopolies have the complicity of the federal Government and State Governments, that by extending the famous pantry vouchers you force workers to attend supermarkets, because you can only redeem them in these trades.

    The way in which workers are affected can be seen clearly in the picture N ° 4, where it is clear that in no way cheaper drink in supermarkets, as a trend that has been, It is the most cheap places to acquire the CAR are the tianguis and public markets. It is worth to ask us here, What would be the impact on Mexican families if they disappear the tianguis?, and what interests and sectors would be after this type of proposal?

    6.-Working time to purchase a food basket Recommended

    During the Decade of the years 80 Mexico is inserted in the global dynamics of neo-liberalism, assuming that precarious wage work will be one of the conditions to stimulate foreign investment and activate the economy. The result of thirty years of this economic model is shown by the indicator of working time, It is the time which the worker must work to be able to acquire food for your family. What we have seen in this reality of Mexican wage-earning worker is that you for the year of 1987 should work 4 hours of a working day of 8 hours to buy a CAR, However, the level of dispossession that has been subjected the worker in the last nearly thirty years reflects a war and new geography about the reality of workers, Since, Today the same worker must spend almost 23 more regarding hours of 1987, i.e., increased in 19 hours of working time needed to be able to acquire the CAR. Parce distant time (end of the 19th century), where Marx discussed and argued with the capitalists that labour was the only commodity in which the capitalist would seek to obtain a greater benefit could lead to what, that so paid to the worker for all your work[5]. This is not a coincidence, or is due to the "mere pass", but that it is due to how to operate and reproduced in capitalism. And in this framework, We are proving that this system requires today a Mexican worker employee that I got to play his salary in 9 minutes of a day's work but that is it forced to work, He and his family, almost 23 hours a day.

    No graphics. 2.



    How is that the worker faces and tries to solve this logic of capital it? This solves it looking for another "chamba", and/or achieving that more members of the family are incorporated to work. This scenario is even more discouraging note that the unemployment rate[6] in Mexico (2014) is of 14.9%, i.e., There are, in real terms 8 million 735 thousand 356 unemployed workers.

    With respect to hours worked per year worldwide, If we consider the afore-mentioned below is clearly understandable.

    hours worked

    7.- What size is the plunder in the consumption of salaried workers?

    Below are a series of graphs, to illustrate the level of plunder to which we are subject workers.

    No graphics. 4


    In 1976, nearly three kilos of meat could be bought with a minimum daily wage, being clear enough that it is starting from 1982 that this relationship is reversed, i.e., the price of meat is on top of what is a worker like pay. Today day with a minimum wage only you can buy half a kilo of beef steak. It is the result of wage policies and the method adopted by Governments to "competitive" a cheap and productive workforce.

    Picture not. 5grafica5



    Federal labor law.

    National Commission on minimum wages, CONASAMI.

    Ministry of labour and Social Welfare.

    Instituto Nacional de Estadística, Geography and Informatics. (INEGI)

    Chamber of Deputies.

    Instituto Nacional de Nutrición "Salvador Zubirán"

    Bank of Mexico.

    Database: CAM-UNAM multidisciplinary Analysis Center

    Results of the questionnaire on prices of commodities of the multidisciplinary Analysis Center. Raised between the 3 and the 14 April of 2015



    [1] The recommended food basket (CAR), It is a basket that was designed by Dr. Abelardo Avila Curiel of the Institute national de nutrition "Salvador Zubiran", and that is integrated by 40 food, for the daily intake of a family type of 4 Members (2 adults and 2 young). Health expenditures are not considered in the calculation of the price of the CAR, housing, dress and shoes, education, etc.

    [2] Valid from January 1 of the 2015 in the geographical area "A".

    [3] Picture N ° 1 refers to the minimum daily wage for the geographical area "A". It was decided to take the daily in zone "A" minimum wage data because it is the highest of the two geographic areas, the CAR makes reference only to that recommends the National Institute of nutrition and foods that should consume a family in Mexico.

    [4] The price calculated for the CAR is to the 15 April of the 2015, which will surely rise to the month of December.

    [5] its value in use will be greater than the of its exchange value

    [6] "Unemployment and less pay for more hours of work: results to two years in labor reform, in research report 118 Multidisciplinary analysis of the UNAM Center". Mexico. 2015.

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    • excellent information, I think that they should disseminate it in more places.

      Thanks mates of the CAM!!!!

    • Edgar Davalos

      Excellent analysis, I have always argued that this type of analysis should be used for the recalculation of minimum wages and for the generation of focused economic policies to solve this problem; which I think also, that no longer should be indexed to the calculations of the finance public, for example: fines, payments, bonds, etc. I'd like to see what percentage of the population of the PEA that earns a minimum wage and wage level paid where the majority of the population which is, This in order to know which level of poverty we find the majority of the population. Congratulations are still the contrast of made-up data.

    • David Miranda Perez

      Fellow: These reports should be known by the trade unions of workers, When less debate on their respective organizations, and elements to their respective reviews of collective contracts of employment.

      It seems to me that leaders of charros unions, as well as the so-called independent trade unions, they have not had the good sense even to assess the wage situation of its members.

      It will be necessary that the workers start (Once aconociendo the loss of the power of adquisistivo of wages), begin to trace a path of struggle for recovery salaral, like for example, emergency increases and the control of popular consumer goods prices. And as an obletivo medium-term, the change of economic regime.

    • Carlos Ramón Sepúlveda Moon

      I extend to them my appreciation for the academic and scientific work that we provide have growing interest in being informed of the wage and economic situation of workers l@s and Mexican families who. Transfer this information to the sectors of workers and trade unionists in fight in the State of Jalisco, for analysis, discussion and dissemination, as it is the case of those who integrate the Magisterial Democratic Assembly of Jalisco (AMDJ), the single trade union of academics of the College of high school graduates of the State of Jalisco (SUACOBAEJ), the movement of Trade Union of the workers of the insurance Social resistance of Jalisco (MORESISS), the Trade Union of public employees of the Intermunicipal system for water supply and sewerage (SEPSIAPA), the independent trade union of workers of Honda de Mexico.

    • Miguel Rojas Colin

      Is interesting and important information that you provide for collective-mind for various analysis and multidisciplinary studies

    • Gustavo Roman

      If there are arguments irrefutable that show it unfair of the wage, the only explanation I can find to continue decreasing the purchasing power of wages is perverse and abusive exploitation of businessmen and political addition, If we consider that on the one hand the trade unions are manipulated and secondly who outsourced people increases; there any solution?, We will be condemned to eternal poverty? Me cuesta work OK it

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