• Of how La Jornada used the information that we generate in this Center without citing us

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    The day 19 April of 2017, the website and the social networks of the newspaper La Jornada spread a call note "purchasing power of the minimum wage has fallen 11.11% This administration". In the body of the note are cited verbatim paragraphs that we published in December of 2016, However, the data and trends attributed to another source.

    Our research report 126 "The minimum wage: a crime against the town Mexican. It falls 11.11% purchasing power during the six years of Peña Nieto"can be reviewed in full on our website: http://cam.economia.unam.mx/reporte-investigacion-126-salario-minimo-crimen-pueblo-mexicano-cae-11-11-poder-adquisitivo-sexenio-pena-nieto/

    Below are screenshots of the notes of La Jornada:

    Taken from the URL: HTTPS://www.facebook.com/lajornadaonline/posts/10155431022983706


    Taken from the URL: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/ultimas/2017/04/19/poder-adquisitivo-del-salario-minimo-cayo-11-11-en-este-sexenio

    At the beginning of this year the Directorate-General of Social communication of the UNAM issued the UNAM-DGCS newsletter-020 (University City. 06:00 HS. 5 in January of 2017) with the title: "FALLS 11.11 PERCENT PURCHASING POWER IN THE LAST THREE YEARS, REVEALS study of UNAM"and which can be consulted at the following address: http://www.dgcs.unam.mx/boletin/bdboletin/2017_020.html

    The same, various media have spread the information correctly citing the source.

    Investigations made by the research community of the Centre of multidisciplinary analysis of the UNAM are made with collective and voluntary work, without any interest or economic remuneration, factor contributing to emit results with objectivity and always thinking about to serve you to the working classes and their organisational processes.

    It is not in our interest get recognition every time you use our information any group of workers, Trade Union or another popular. But when a pay media uses the information generated by this Center to increase the traffic on your website and thus strengthen the business model that made with the information, What would minimally have to do is to correctly cite the source. In an era in which such information is a click away, commit such omissions only is explainable by a deliberate editorial policy.

    In this sense we insist that the main objective of this Centre is to contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life and work of employees, farmers, and classes, conducting and disseminating studies of the causes and socio-economic impact on these social sectors has the current economic policy, social and labour of the federal Government, especially since the 1980s. And therefore not interested in collaborating with those who deliberately of constrain their living standards, call political parties of ariba, business groups or international creditors.

    Finally we call the free media, community radio, groups and popular organizations to widely use the results of these investigations since that is that its main objective.

    Kind regards:

    Multidisciplinary analysis of the UNAM Center research community


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    • Beautiful Jair

      I am favoring States acts of plagiarism, must prepend it, in principle and even before any consideration pecunaria, recognition to whom(ES) perform(n) any kind of research; personally, appreciation the work that makes it possible, that free and so kindly shared the CAM community.

    He says

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