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    Since ago 21 years the CAM coordinated Social Service "Poverty and extreme poverty in Mexico 1982-2015" project, in the Faculty of Economics of the UNAM (key: 2013-12/59- ), This project links to the CAM on research into poverty systematizing and analysing theoretical information, methodological, bibliohemerografica, statistical and field. In this research process we found that the study and offensive against poverty goes beyond the exclusive area of the economy. Poverty binds multidisciplinary form with sociology, Psychology, Social work, Health and Labour Medicine, Right, Agronomy, Economic geography, Biology, Social Anthropology, among other disciplines. For this reason the CAM in its Social Service program has always considered fundamental the participation of fellow students in these and other areas in its teaching activities, research and dissemination.

    It is important to note that students who participate in the program of social service receive recognition and credits (see publications, newspapers, magazines) for their participation in the research process. Thus in the CAM is vitally important critical analysis between theory and practice, so in the CAM students find the space to locate, classify, process and analyze the theoretical information, methodological, technique, Statistics, documentary and field, required by the needs raised by the object of study in study process.

    If it is of your interest to perform social service center in contact with the CAM.

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