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    The multidisciplinary Analysis Center(CAM) Faculty of Economics, UNAM was established in 1978 as an academic space and research that contributes to:

    • Research and analysis of socio-economic situation especially after the years 80 in Mexico and Latin America taking as object of study essential analysis of the conditions of life and work of the popular classes
    • Studies on regional development- productive and investment projects, especially in communities facing situations of poverty and extreme poverty;
    • Provide advice to unions, as well as conduct studies to support the pay review;
    • Organize seminars, Workshops and courses on various socioeconomic topics, posed in their lines of research.

    This work was recognized with the national prize of journalism he received in December of the 2010 investigation of economic issues.


    Contribute to the improvement of the conditions of life and labour, peasants, and classes, conducting and disseminating studies of the causes and socio-economic impact on these social sectors has the current economic policy, social and labour of the federal Government, especially since the 1980s.



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