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    The CAM has conducted and published to date, more than 110 Research of situation reports in relation to some aspects of the Mexican economy as inflation, basic basket, wages and purchasing power of the wage, relocation of capital, employment and unemployment, the situation in the field, poverty and extreme poverty. These research reports are disseminated and discussed by the national media and international.

    Some of the national media such as: The day, Universal, Reform, The press, The financial, Chronic, Standing ovations, Millennium, Excelsior, The Sun of Mexico, News, The Herald, NOTIMEX, The News, Process, The Crisis, Against line, Economic situation, Work and democracy today, How, Vertigo, Radio education, Radio UNAM, Radio network, Radio Formula, Radio Center, Format 21, Radio France International, MVS multivision, TV image, TV-deMENTE, Televisa, Channel 13. Channel 11, Channel 22, Channel 40, GreenTV, among others.

    In international media: Pablo Biffi Clarín (Buenos Aires), Hiraku Sagawara of Akahata (Tokyo), Kalus Blume of the DPA (Germany), David Schrieberg of The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California. E.U), Werner J. Neue Zuercher Zeitung of Martí Berner Zeitung (Switzerland), Alan Zarembo at Newsweek (E.U), Roberto Hernandez of Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata – Società Cooperativa ANSA (Italy), Isaiah Barreñada in notebooks Africans, Latin America (Madrid), Susan Ferriss of The New York Times News Service, Radio France International, among others.

    The results of the mentioned research have been cited in thesis, Books, research studies used for the wage revision of labor unions as the Mexican Union of electricians and socio-economic (SME), STUNAM, by Kristina Piker of the Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences, and more.



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