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    Published the Saturday 29 in May of 2021 9:49 am CAM No comment

    As a result of the problem of lack of payments or incomplete payments that the UNAM has had towards its teachers and subject teachers and teacher assistants, at the Center for Multidisciplinary Analysis of UNAM, We take up the efforts of several professors and several professors from the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Economics to provide a tool for calculating perceptions for Professors of the subject and Teaching Assistants..

    The version that we now present in excel format is capable of reproducing all the perceptions that appear in the pay stubs corresponding to the semester 2021-1 (fortnight 18 of 2020 to 03 of 2021). The calculator has returned figures with penny precision, which allows to have at least three use cases:

    • Corroborate amounts of perceptions in our heels
    • Calculate semiannual amounts of earnings by type of Academic appointment
    • Auxiliary in calculating differences in one-time perceptions o single payment

    This calculator IT IS NOT OFFICIAL, In addition, to date it has only been tested with academic staff from the Faculty of Economics, but you can use it as a basis to find out if your salaries have been paid in full, the benefits and incentives specified in the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Salary Table for academic staff for the semester 2021-1.

    The calculator can be downloaded from here: https://bit.ly/cpunam2021-1

    We leave the detailed way to use the calculator in the following video:

    Soon we will make available to the community of the Faculty of Economics the version for the semester 2021-2


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