• Consultants of the multidisciplinary Analysis Center

    The CAM has developed experience and matured initiatives within their research. This experience and commitment is made available to provide advisory support, socio-economic studies, workshops, courses, teaching materials of work and salary reviews, among others.

    Works for various unions and academic organizations have been, some of them are:

    • Studies, working conditions and salary reviews for the Trade Union of workers of the UNAM; Trade Union of workers of the UAM, Trade Union of workers of the day, Mexican electricians Union, Trade Union of workers of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Trade Union of workers of the IMSS and fishing Union, among others.
    • Study of productivity and living conditions for the Group of workers of National Casting and Continental Union, among some.
    • Analysis, Joint research and studies with organizations linked to the working environment such as; CEREAL, CILAS, Collective of workers of Jalisco, among others.
    • Development and construction of projects with other international research centers How is it Wage Indicator under an agreement with the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    • Preparation and study of the purchasing power and market basket.
    • Studies on informality in employment.
    • Problems of labor exploitation, children and young.
    • Analysis and situation of the family income.
    • Studies on the on concentration of wealth.
    • Development of workshops and support materials for collective.

    If you want any advice or more information you can contact with the CAM.

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