• What are our lines of research?

    Below is a brief description of the themes addressed this Center:


    The CAM made studies for the formation, in content and structure, of the basic basket of workers, by company, sector or economic activity, region, micro region and State. It also analyzes and tracks working conditions, purchasing power of nominal and real wages, living conditions and quality of the basic needs of the worker family, as well as the levels and income distribution.

    Purchasing power tracking prices of different basic food baskets have been followed for different periods of time such as the recommended food basket (CAR), Essential worker basket (IOC), among others.

    Studies on the conditions of purchasing power for workers in the field, as well as some data on conditions in the ownership of the land

    In the context of crisis, the relocation of production and dissemination of the process on a global scale characterized new modalities in the capital relationship – work.

    The Manufacturing Sector in Mexico is characterized in recent years by a dynamic exporter, in fact about half of such exports constitute those maquiladora companies.

    We carry out the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of employment and unemployment in Mexico, for which carries out construction and monitoring of basic statistics for this category of 1990 to date.

    Using a methodology consistent with the International Labour Organization, the CAM has developed statistical series for this topic, same that unveiled the current state of the labour market in Mexico

    On various occasions, the CAM has conducted studies on the purchasing power of the wage for unions or specific branches of industry, themselves that they have been useful to carry out pay reviews.

    We have research into productivity and conditions of work in Mexico in the years 90 to date.

    Central theme in the Mexican context, in which the majority of its population is located in one of these categories and which has increased in recent periods.

    The CAM has elaborated plans of regional development and in this context, productive projects and investment, for communities and micro rural regions, ejidatarios, smallholders, and municipalities in some States of our country, such as Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco and others.

    A feature of the labour market in Mexico is labour migration, that is not a new phenomenon due to its proximity to the United States, shows trends that are intensified in the last two decades. Likewise, We have done studies on the impact of remittances on the Mexican economy, in general cases as private individuals, as in the case of the Bracero program.

    Standing item on economic performance in Mexico that has an impact on the fate of much of the revenues that the Mexican Government has.

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