• Video: Thus runs the world

    Published the Tuesday 8 in April of 2014 1:15 am CAM No comment

    “Thus runs the world”: spot graphic that clearly the global distribution of wealth and the inequalities between Nations. Note: The CAM not upload these materials to the web, We only share that is available publicly initial release date: 20 August of 2013 Author – Producer: Front Liber Seregni

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  • The story of stuff

    Published the Monday 14 October of 2013 2:35 am CAM No comment

    In this section we will be sharing materials that are in the network and which facilitate the understanding of the research topics we address. The first video that we want to share with you is “The story of stuff” Annie Leonard. Premiered in 2009, “story of stuff” (“the story of stuff“) is a brief and substantial […]

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